Monday, April 09, 2012

All Those Eggs~~

Now that Easter is past, I know we all have at least a few boiled eggs left...don't allow them to go to waste...and don't let any doctor or nutritionist tell you they are bad for your health.  Not so...

Simple and easy way to enjoy...

Take a large leaf of Romaine lettuce
Layer avocado, sliced egg, thinly sliced onion ( spring scallions )
Salt ( Sea ) and fresh ground black pepper

Roll like you would a burrito...then slice across into bite size sections

Sprinkle with flax seed and drizzle a tiny bit of your favorite dressing ( or not )

Nut-Thins...crackers made from nuts ( these are pecans ) gluten free and so good and crispy.

Makes a yummy and healthy breakfast.

I had mine with chocolate coffee....

Tasty and very healthy~

To your awesome week ~

Bea Kunz

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