Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Herbs Through The Ages~


Calendula ( Pot Marigold )  is and has been for thousands of years, one of the most cherished herbs in homeopathic medicine.

The flower, leaves/stem/and oil are all used in a wide range of ways to treat a multitude of issues.

This is one of the most amazing benefits of herbs as medicine...they are varied in their usage and little to no side effects when used properly.
( note-some people may be allergic to a certain herb ) so be aware and get professional guidance prior to launching any self-treatment.

Applications from Calendula consist of :  Creams, Infusions , ( teas ) Tincture, Compress, Mouthwash, and Infused Oil.
( Essential oils are very potent and should be used with some educational knowledge of the product and Cautions.)

(The Character)...Slightly bitter, pungent, drying, gently cooling.
(Constituents)...Saponins, flavonoids, musilage, essential oil, bitter principle, resin, steroidal compounds.
( Actions )...Astringent, antiseptic, anti fungal, anti-inflammatory, heals wounds, menstrual regulator, and stimulates bile production.

Sage Hill grows Calendula for a company In Tennessee which uses it in organic pet treats and products.

***Warning***Do not confuse Pot Marigold with common Garden Marigolds...they are not the same and the garden marigold is toxic, often used in pesticides and weed killers.

Disclaimer....Any and all herbal articles from and by Sage Hill  is offered totally as educational information only. We do not intend this information to be viewed as medicinal advice for any given treatment.
William Turner in 1551 said of Pot marigold...Somme use it to make theyr here yelow...not being content with the colour.

Beds of Calendula make for exceptional fall color.


Bea Rigsby-Kunz
Culinary Herbalist


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