Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Healing From Within~Continued

This statement and action applies to our nation, our world, and our 'self ' seems the perfect time to embrace the ' Truth ' and take action.

Superficial remedies never have and never will be an answer to any core issue.

Our country and our world is suffering from internal problems-quick fixes and symptom relief only serves to prolong and deepen the infestation.

Our bodies are no different in the suffering and the relief requirements. the one major reason for so many health issues.....aha, let me clarify...'Breathing the wrong way...'

In any 24 hour period, we will breath in and out 21, 600 times.
Does it not make perfect sense that there is a right way and a wrong way to breathe.

We can go 30 days without food, 4 days without water...and only 4 minutes without air.

Regardless how much effort one is putting into being healthy...if  the breathing isn't right, healing cannot happen in a total and sustainable way.

It is the most natural way to heal thy-self...

Do your research, find a program that works for your needs...then practice, practice, practice.....there is a saying...practice makes perfect...Believe it !

Make it a purely blissful day~

Bea Rigsby-Kunz
Culinary Herbalist/teacher/speaker

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