Sunday, November 18, 2012

November Bliss~

November can be  as magical as the ' Month of Lights '...December.

A simple basket of pine cones can lead to a long and interesting conversation...the shape, the tree history, the many ways to use and display them in your fall decorating scheme...they add sound effect to a bonfire or in an outside pit :)

Dried branches of all the different leaves around your area-cut them long and place in a tall container and rest beside the front door-as the leaves fall just allow them to stay in place as if under a tree.

Enjoy the transition from a summer of bright blooms and never ending greenery into a stark display of bare trees and earthy shades of grasses and shrubs.

I opt to not light up the month of November...instead, to bask in the Bliss of  dark mornings and early dusk evenings...a warm cup of cider and the soft comfort of a cozy blanket....who needs lights :)

Wishing you each the most gracious Thanksgiving, a day of being truly  "Thankful."

Bea Rigsby-Kunz
931 438 8328

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