Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Chinese New Year-The Year of the Rat~

Guo Nian Hao...Happy New Year~ If you are of Chinese decent.

Chinese New Year is determined by the Lunar calendar, this year it falls on the 7th of February. It's actually a 15 day celebration when the working masses of China can take weeks of holiday to celebrate their families, both living and deceased.

The traditional color for this very celebrated holiday is Red, it is believed to ward off evil spirits.

White and /or black is never worn or used since it is associated with mourning and loss.

The rat marks the commencement of the cycle of 12 Chinese Zodiacs and thus are associated with enterprising and aggressive qualities.

Celebrations vary, the underlying message is one of peace and happiness for family
members and friends.
Some traditional foods used in the celebrations are: Lotus seed-signifies many male offspring.
BlackMoss Seaweed-Exceeding in wealth and success.
Bamboo Shoots-contenment and all around wellness.
Un-cut noodles-represents long life.

Coriander is known as Chinese Parsley and used in many recipes of both traditional and the more international fare.

~Some Chinese Proverbs worthy of their space.~

The more completely we give ourselves, the more completely the world gives back to us. ( The Buddha(c.563-c. 483BC), India.

Clear conscience never fears midnight knocking.

If you are patient in a moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.

To your Fun and Fabulous February! Always something to celebrate.

Bea Kunz


greeny said...

That Buddha sure knew a thing or two, huh?
Thanks for your always informative and enjoyable post
Reading back over your last 3 gives me much to think about.
Hope you have a super weekend.

BeaK. said...

Hi greeny,

You are so welcome. Thank you for reading, and for taking a moment to respond.

I love sharing with those who enjoy reading.

Happy weekend to you also.

Bea Kunz