Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Seek And Be Inspired~

March is almost with us, and not too soon for my wishes.
I'm always ready and waiting for the earth to warm, the rain and snow to gradually give way to sunny days, in short..gardening weather.

While dreaming of all the changes and additions I have planned for my gardens this spring I was also touring garden sites all around the world.

Australia, Belgium, England, France and Japan have awesome gardens. thing I see regardless where I'm visiting, for the most part, gardens all seem to have many of the same attractions.

Then I came across this website, link below.

I was so inspired, I discarded what I had planned to write about and felt the desire to share this with you all.

This is what I call a very successful garden project.

Pacific Garden Mission~ Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Welcome to the upcoming Spring~

Bea Kunz


Jay, writer said...

With spring comes hope. People tend to be much more pleasant to talk to. It's also probably the effect of the weather. After all, who has the time to be sweet and polite on a cold winter's day, right? It's just an observation I have of the people around me. Somehow, no matter what has happened in the past, spring always brings out the best in them.

BeaK. said...

Hi Jay,

Thanks for your views, your point makes sense to me.

I think in short explanation spring is a time of renewal.
We are ready to shed the old and put on the new. I believe this applies to our spirit in great force.

Thanks for stopping in, hope to see you again.

Bea Kunz