Sunday, February 03, 2008

Organic, Natural, Sustainable, or Deadly?

Confusion seems to be the norm with so many who would like to be healthier in body. Every company from billion dollar ratings down to ma and pa roadside stands are tauting the advantages of organic, natural, and/or sustainable.

Ask me and I'll stand with the Ma&Pa ideas with full steam ahead.

Eating for our health is so simple-in thought. However, when it comes to actually putting that thought into working mode, it does take some effort, education, and a really big dose of determation in changing, not only our thoughts about food ( and its purpose) but also about our willingness to regroup and sometimes start at the beginning with a whole new plan.

We, as a society, have for too long, depended on big industry to grow, process, and tell us what we should eat, simply by placing it on the shelf in a oversized super-market.
For too long we have refused to say no to things we know are not in our best interest, simply because it is inconvenient. The other option would be to find our own way of understanding and putting into action, the controls over what we put on our family table.

Organic, natural, and sustainable are all terms that, in their simply and un-adultrated meaning should give us answers and a very easy place to start.
But, enter misleading information on labels and in marketing all across many fields-it becomes a task that many will give up on and return to allowing big industry to fill their need for "mealtime."

When we are looking for a starting point, consider these moves, take out of your diet all those things you know to be a negative, those you are unsure about, educate yourself in, read labels, search for the freshest possible way of buying.
Farmers Markets, CSA farmers, and food co-ops. In most cases these options will supply you with healthy choices and a plethora of information.

Be cautious when shopping very large "Organic" sources, some are the real thing and some are to be filtered, as with any large outlet. Products come to them from many sources, look at the source.

I'm sharing with you some places I trust, for many things.
Information, both good and bad. Clean and healthy products, through sources I can verify. Honesty through the years of being in the industry of their chosen field.
Some for their willingness to buck the system of big regulations that sound good on paper but has many flaws that amount to deceitful practices.

I trust you will find helpful, at least a few of these resources.

Do feel free to contact me if you have questions or need an ear.

Eden foods is a company worthy of getting to know.

They stand by their knowing of what organic foods are supposed to be.
Refusing to become USDA certified because they don't agree with the mis-use of the label,(with the USDA's acceptance and sometimes even their own injection)

Eden foods can be found in healthy markets around many sections of the country.

Bea Kunz

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