Saturday, July 25, 2009

Herbs and the Gardens of August~

I'm aware that we are still in July...but, some things are just too good to sit on.

All herbs thrive in the summer, but what sets the herbs of August apart from their more wintry counterparts is that they really should be used fresh to appreciate the fullness of all they have to impart.

Thyme and rosemary take on different but equally nice characters when dried, but those inhabitant's of August - basil, mint, cilantro, dill - lose some of their zest when dried.

Another special aspect that marks these herbs as ones to be fully enjoyed in summer is that they taste great with cold or room-temperature foods: fresh light breads, pasta-warm or cold, tomatoes fresh from the garden, and cucumbers in any form.

This so neatly plays into the concept of eating in season.

When we eat foods that are in season it is akin to having a suit tailor-

made to fit just perfectly.

Our great Creator made all things perfect for us.....sometimes we just get lost or side-tracked. are looking for a place to start a new direction I have just the answer.

August 23 is "Kitchen Garden Day."

"Kitchen Gardeners International" is a nonprofit network of organic kitchen gardeners and home cooks from over 100 countries. ( of which I am a very happy member )

The goal of Kitchen Garden Day is:

To celebrate the positive role of organic kitchen gardening in society, health, and gastronomy
-To raise awareness about the benefits of eating local and to encourage people to explore local food options in their areas
-To build a community spirit, at local and international levels, around the universal experiences of gardening, cooking, and eating

Some Ways To Celebrate The Day:

-a walking tour of gardens in your area
-a kitchen garden or local agriculture potluck
-a kitchen garden taste-test
-a harvest or planting party
-a benefit for a local food/gardening charity
-a kitchen garden "teach in"
-a single food theme party
-an activity at a local farm

Be sure to include the media outlets in your area if you are planning any of the
above mentioned activities, the media loves to cover events that bring awareness to issues that can pull a community closer together.

I would love to hear about your event planning and I will share mine in a another post.

Happy and Safe Summer!

Bea Kunz

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