Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Garden Calendar

North or South, April brings real hope that the earth will be green again.

April is the month for sowing lettuces, radishes, scallion, Swiss chard, broad beans, peas, beets, carrots and kale. Most of these you will want to stagger the sow about every two weeks to make sure you have ongoing crops until the end of their growing time.

There will be some things still edible ad bouncing back from the winter garden, depending on where you are. We have greens of different kinds, tender and so good.
These will be pretty much over by the time its warm enough to plant the remainder of the garden, we will simply turn them back into the soil for fodder..nutrients.

Anyone growing currants or gooseberry's this is the time to spray whatever you use to control red spider mites, aphids, and sawfly.

If you don't have them through mother nature consider purchasing Ladybugs for your garden...they can eat millions of aphids in a single day. They are a totally good bug.

Happy gardening~watch out for the "big" bugs !

Bea Kunz


flowers said...

Just gone through your blog and found it wonderful. It was nice going through your blog.

organicsyes said...

I love these connecting posts:) And I have actually met some of the people with whom I have connected...I know you have, too, Bea!

BeaK. said...

Flowers...cute name, thanks for visiting the Beaatitudes, always excited to have another viewer.

Please do visit ofte and keep in touch. I enjoy connecting with my readers.

Happy spring~

Bea Kunz

BeaK. said...

Susan, I'm always so happy to see your footprint in my garden ~

I trust spring is as beautiful in your neck of the woods as it is here. So worth the wait.

I've been busy and not blogging as much as I should, will fix that.

Hugs my friend~

Bea Kunz

bunny, The Paris House said...

You have such a wonderful blog. I love to garden and use herbs to cook all the time. We are adding chickens soon so I can hopefully continue to eat and cook as healthy as possible!! stop by when you have time and check out my "Bunny's Garden" section let me know if you have any garden tips...I would love to hear them

BeaK. said...

Bunny...The Paris House, fabulous blog ad website. I really enjoyed my tour of your sites. So much talent and so many lovely things to peak the interest.

Thanks for visiting.

Bea Kunz