Saturday, March 27, 2010

Around The World In Blogs~

And what, you may ask -does this have to do with "Herb Gardening."

Maybe nothing, maybe more than we know...I'm certain of one fact, herbs are grown and used all over the world, in fact long before America was a thought, herbs were being utilized for great things.

The point of this post is to introduce you to a blogger I recently met from the Ukraine, she is Marina Demchuck, a most talented writer and story teller.

I know what a gift good story-telling is, I've been exposed to a few great ones and not just anyone can deliver. It is a gift, it can't be learned...maybe perfected to a point, but too much perfection will spoil the gift.

When I read Marina's writings I am transported to the Ukraine, I can, in my minds eye see the surroundings, hear the language, (that I don't understand), and feel a connection to a part of the world that holds some of my family history.

My hubby is of German/Austrian, French and Scottish descent, his great grandparents were Russian Jews, who escaped to America in the 1940's My genetic heritage is from England and Wales.

From time to time I come across people and information that click....this is one of those clicks.
I believe we can learn from and get a small glimpse of another side of our world and it's people through this delightful woman's blog.

Who would have thought 30 years ago that a simple click of a thing called a mouse- could transport one to the other side of the globe...we must not waste the option.

I would like to know from Marina what the most used herbs are in her country, village, or family.

I hope she visits here and becomes a part of our exchanges.

I'm educating myself on White sage and Golden seal....any thoughts...anyone ?

Bea Kunz


Anonymous said...

Hello Bea :-)
Now, to you I want to say you that I have looked at what you have written about me here on your Blog and, almost the tear came, certainly I felt myself proud and so much in appreciation at your words. You I believe are the very kind woman :-)
I am so happy to begin this my Blogging and communicate with such the person as you, and so far away from me too, it so wonderful.
Thank you Bea, very very much.
Your new aquaintance, Marina.

BeaK. said...

Hi Marina,

I'm happy that you are pleased.

I am blessed with a gift of connection. When I meet someone (even through a far away medium)I connect or I don't. When I don't, I'm cautious about entering into a conversation. Whe I do, I try to be grateful and not allow it to go un-explored. Good friendships come by this way of learning.

You see, I have already learned so much about you and your country just from reading your thoughts.

That is such a gift ~

I am looking forward to knowing you.

Anonymous said...

Hello to you Bea.
I wanted to share my news with you and say that I have been invited to be a guest Blogger at a really good site and, theu are paying me, they have already sent to me the advance sum, I am so happy Bea, please be sure.

Anyway, I hope health is with you and your family, thank you for following my Blog and your kind words always.

ps, I did try and maybe write for WE Magazine but did not hear from Chief there, I think maybe she prefer that I do not write for it so, I am in disappoint but I accept it her decision.

Thank you again Bea,
Sincerely to you always,

Anonymous said...

Hello to you wonderful Bea.

I hope you are enjoying the good weather there in your region of USA, and busy working with the nature, I understand you like it, very much.

Also, I wish to ask your mind on this topic I just wrote ?
If you have the time.

Sincerely to you,