Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weeds or Herbs??

On another network I belong to the discussion is underway about edible weeds...actually herbs, that most consider weeds.

Dandelions...the pretty yellow flower that many work very hard at eradicating is really an edible herb. The leaves, stem, root, and flower all have culinary and medicinal properties that have been in use for centuries.

The root makes the most beautiful red dye.
Leaves and flowers are delicious in salads or cooked like a green.

Sage Hill makes a yummy dandelion tea. As with most herbs the medicinal values are many.

Chickweed...Yes, chickens love it, in fact if you have chickens you will have to compete for the chickweed. A little Green leaf plant with tiny white flowers.
Can be eaten cooked or raw in salads or on a sandwich.

Milk Thistle...Makes a delicious tea, has many medicinal properties, used in the treatment of liver issues...a great cleansing value.

**WARNING**As with anything you eat from the land, make certain you are 100% sure of the identity and that chemical pesticides, etc., have not been applied to the land and/or plants.

It's always fun to learn about wild edibles even if you choose not to add them to your diet...makes a very interesting project with children old enough to understand and practice the concept of not eating anything from the wild without asking permission first.

The photo here is a Trillium. Some information claims medicinal value from the root, but not advised from my view point...if i doubt, *DO NOT CONSUME*
These pretty little plants are on the endangered species list in many states.
When a petal or the flower is picked it ca take years for the plant to recoup.

My hubby and I were lucky enough to see a few of these in mountains of Western North Carolina, they are indeed beautiful. They are of the Lily family.

Spring is just around the garden gate...check out what's growing in your yard.

Bea Kunz
Happy Gardening

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