Monday, April 05, 2010

Characterization of Taste~

I'm often asked what does it taste like~when in conversation about most any herb.

Cilantro is an herb many don't even want to try. At some point in time someone said it had a soapy character, it stuck and has followed down through the culinary ages.

Actually it has a bold citrus overtone and a slightly sharp character.
The aromatics are a blend of pepper and mild rosemary or pine.
Frech Tarragon is another not so common on the dinner table herb.

Mint, anise, and licorice all merge with a mild numbing effect when tasting true French tarragon.
Fenugreek, over 4,000 years ago this herb was grow for the feeding of livestock.
Over time it has graduated from barn to the kitchen.

The fresh leaves taste spinachy with distinct slightly spicy notes of peanuts and caramel.
Dried, the green essence is muted and nutty flavors dominate.
Turmeric Root, fresh turmeric has intense, mustardlike overtones and a light peppery character.
Dried forms exhibit these flavors when fresh, but tend to lose potency quickly.
Gilroy Garlic, if you haven't had this garlic roasted you are missing a delicious event.
Notably more pungent than other sources. Gilroy can be sharp, almost hot, when eaten raw. The sweetness blossoms when roasted.

More to come....stay tuned.

Bea Kunz

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