Sunday, April 25, 2010

In Search of Scent~

Do you know that scent triggers memory and enhances it.

The best fragrances are those that have special meaning to you.

But...despite the effects of plants aromas on humans, we are not the plant's intended target.

Flowers exude their signature scent to attract specific pollinators.
Leaves are fragrant for a altogether different reason. Plants often emit volatiles ( aromatic compounds ) from the leaves when they are injured...akin to a human tear when hurt.

Wintergreen and Rosemary release compounds to make their leaves unpalatable to feeding insects.

The scent of a flower to you and I is a simple pleasure. For the honeybee, the hawkmoth, and other pollinators...and the plant itself, it is a matter of survival.

So remember when planting, think not only of your own wishes and expectations, but also of the beneficial insects that will checking out your garden for food and habitat.

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