Monday, April 26, 2010

Power-Up Your Water Needs~

rain water rushing into the bog today
It's true...Spring brings the delightful action of outside activities, from water slides to the patio pots....lots and lots of water usage.

Water is one of two major resources that allows the world to keep being the other. All other resources, although mighty important, can be altered, manipulated and stretched to the limits of far reaching ends.

Food and water has to be somewhat virgin...and we have long since passed that stage.
Now is the time to start mending as much of the broken links as we can.

One of the greatest gifts we can give back to Mother Earth is the responsible use of water.
Rain-water is one of the most wasted resources we have.

We all know how chemically treated our water supply is that comes from the house faucet. It isn't good for our system and neither is it good for our gardens.( which ultimately ends up in our system)

What to do?...install a Rain-barrel system, affordable and easy...what's not to do.

Most local Home Depot, Lowes, or any garden supply co-op will have what you need, along with help to install if that is needed.

Here is one link that will appeal to those who wish to do it from scratch....

The photo I've shared is of the bog area on our homestead...when we have rain it brings a lot of water that keeps a certain area damp for weeks after the rain, this allows us to grow boggy plants that we would otherwise not grow because of the excessive amount of water we would need to supply.

Rain is a gift from mother we use it is a gift back to her.

Happy Gardening~

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