Monday, July 19, 2010

Healing Herbs From The Gardens

I get many request for advice on using herbs as medicine.

I follow this example for my self and my family...however, I'm not trained to offer medicinal know that this information is only a place for you to start your research and not intended as medicinal advice. If you are sick visit a doctor...and I would suggest a doctor in natural medicine applications...I think I can share that opinion ?

This will be a ten day series...I hope you enjoy the offering.

Garlic...has been used for at least 5,000 years as a medicine, long been known for reducing blood cholesterol levels. Even orthodox medicine acknowledges that the plant reduces the risk of further heart attacks in cardiac patients.

Garlic is also a stimulant for the immune system and an antibiotic.

Aloe...( Aloe vera )Originates from tropical Africa where related species are used as antidotes to poison arrow wounds.

Aloe promotes bile flow from the body, heals wounds, stops bleeding, and can be a simple sedative.

Celery...a very important medicinal herb in Eastern medicine.
The whole plant is gently stimulant, nourishing, and restorative.

It has wonderful anti toxic properties, a great cleansing tonic in the spring.
A homeopathic extract of the seeds is widely used in France to relieve retention of fluid.

Herbs in our food can be a great maintenance tool as well as flavor and aromatic additions.

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Bea Kunz

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