Thursday, July 22, 2010

Healing Herbs From The Gardens~

Calendula...also known as Pot Marigold.

** Do not confuse this plant with the common garden variety of Marigold ( French, Tagetes patula, and other related species) that is used for warts, insecticides and weed killer.**

The golden flower of Calendula is a favorite among herbalist.

Macer's 12Th-century herbal recommends simply looking at the plant to improve eyesight, clear the head, and encourage cheerfulness.

In Culpepper's day, marigold was taken to "strengthen the heart," and was highly regarded for smallpox and measles.

Today it is widely used in patent homeopathic remedies.

The petals, leaves, flower head and the oil can be used in different manners for different needs;

Tea infusion for menopausal issues and inflammation of the esophagus

Tincture for good digestion and a liver flushing

Compress for healing wounds and for varicose veins

Essential oil of Calendula is awesome in the bath for nervous anxiety or depression.

Calendula is growing all around my gardens, it is indeed a pleasure to look upon and to partake of in its many wonderful ways of healing.

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