Monday, July 12, 2010

Herbs Considered Necessary with Foods in Olden Times

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The following is taken from Phillips " Kitchen garden" printed in 1831; " French epicures keep their fish in Fennel herb to make them firm.

The American Indians also believed herbs were necessary with certain foods.
The best known botanical was the root of wild Ginger. It was used in foods with poor flavor. Wild Ginger is mentioned in several early American accounts. One record, written in 1782, tells after being captured by Indians, the author made an escape-then found his way back to civilization, feeding on weeds, roots, berries, and raw meats. He wrote; " When food sat heavy on my stomach, I would eat a little wild Ginger root, which put all to rights."

There is a great deal of truth in the old saying that, " the best doctor is the cook."

The value of herbs and spices as medicine has never been disputed, special virtues being accredited to the value of herbs in food.

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Bea Kunz


meemsnyc said...

Love ginger! It does cure an uneasy stomach. I've never had wild ginger before. Not even sure what that looks like.

M.A.Sharma "सेहर" said...

athanx for sharing !