Sunday, August 30, 2009

August Ending~in the garden the kitchen~

The season of summer is coming to a close, at least if we judge by the months passing.

Fall is in the air around my little piece of earth in Tennessee.

And nowhere does it appear bolder than in the gardens.

Many things have flourished and withered.
Some things are still putting out a hefty crop every day...tomatoes being one, okra, and the eggplant has suddenly taken on new life.

The lavender decided to give me a second production, a very good thing~
Sage is in full growing mode, rosemary and thyme, oregano and I will have a second crop of dill. still cutting this herb.

The fall crops of turnips, collards, and greens of different kinds are already peeking through the soil.

One thing to remember when planting a fall garden is to get the seed in the soil while you still have some hot days, they need the suns warmth to germinate, once established they will then thrive on the cooler temps.

Another great sandwich for the last of the summer foods.

Kids love this sandwich because it can actually be called a pizza sandwich.

Start with a good sturdy bread...we like Sourdough, sliced for sandwiches.
Spread the bread with a small amount of real butter and heat just until hot.

Remove from the toaster oven and add your favorite cheese slices-we like Colby, and Cheddar Jack.

Cut white grapes into halves and position all around the cheese slices.
Sprinkle with chopped purple basil.

Place back in the toaster oven and allow cheese to melt slightly.

Remove and let cool a bit then slice into pizza slices.

Add some extra grapes around the plate.

Serve with a warm cup of your favorite herbal tea.

Yummy and so good for you~

Happy August ending~it's been a beautiful month.

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