Friday, August 14, 2009

Farmers for Choice~

I would like to introduce you to Keri Toback and a group called "Farmers for Choice." We are trying to direct public policy to support American farmer's ability to choose their technologies and have access to competitive products.

Specifically, we are looking for consumers, farmers, groups, academics, etc. to write letters to the Tennessee Attorney Generals Office, to sign open/joint letters, to submit letters to the editor of local publications, to write Op-eds, to visit of call the Ag's office or to allow us to attribute a quote to express interest in maintaining seed choices for farmers.

Would you be interested/willing to participate? Keri can send specific information and draft letters on the topic to make this as easy as possible.

In the meantime, below is what we are hoping to accomplish:

We are trying to get farmers, consumers, consumer groups, political leaders, etc to support maintaining seed choice for farmers. In order to accomplish this, we are seeking the following:

1) Many signatures on open letters or attributions of quotes that will find their way to decision makers or newspapers (we have draft open letters and draft quotes);
2) Letters to the AG office to encourage maintenance of anti-monopolistic policies against Monsanto (they just filed another suit against DuPont which could limit competitiveness in the seed market); I can do this.
3) Calls or visits to the AG office about maintaining seed choice; and
4) Letters to the editors of local papers (we have drafts of several letters

This is not just an issue for farmers, we all have a stake in our food supply....No farmers, no seed choice, no food choice.

A rather frightening concept, is it not.

Please contact me if you are willing to help us push this to the attention of the offices that can make a difference.

I will give you Keri's information for contact.

Thank you so much,

Bea Kunz

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