Thursday, October 14, 2010

Herbs and Holiday's~

Looking for simple ways to bring the outside in during this season ?

Don't forget about the wild-things...look outside the flower beds and garden beds, for many, those are either dormant or not looking real perky...getting ready for the winter sleep.

Autumn colored foliage, the maple, sassafras, dogwood, and others, depending on your location, will supply a fabulous arrangement for any spot you need color.

If you have or live near a wooded area with hardwoods...look for hickory nuts, black walnuts, acorns from oaks, and the lovely pinecones that most everyone has.
We have the White-pine, which looks much like a long leaf christmas tree, gives us the most awesome cones...long and slender with some variation in shapes.

The little guy beside the basket is just visiting, totally I found him in the bottom of the potting shed-container tub...petrified~he will eventually go into the small critter cemetery.

Happy Autumn~

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