Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Seasonal Check-Up On Our Eating Style~

Our health is most often a direct result of what we eat, breathe and lavish upon ourselves.

Now please don't go for the clicker, I'm not going to pound you with what you should be belief is if you don't like where you are, you will find a better place.

I'm here to guide and help you if you so desire.

I hear folks say so often that making changes to a healthier way of eating is too expensive.......well, let me tell you, it is a lot less expensive than the doctor bills and the funeral cost.

Eating and living healthy is so simple and so much fun, once you commit. Granted you have to be willing to cut back(way back) on a few major items in your diet. Those being, refined sugar, bad fats, processed foods and colas. Aim for eating as much home-grown/locally grown foods as possible. Stay away from GM foods ( genetically modified ) and high fructose corn syrup

Now just a little hint on how to start. Don't buy or bake anything with refined sugar for 2 weeks. Instead eat fruit and drink plenty of water. By the end of the second week, your taste for sweets will have changed completely.(if you don't cheat) Once you get the refined sugar out of your system it will react to it as an invader, you simply will not want it, and in some cases it will take longer and some never are able to break the habit (and it is a habit) completely. But at least you can downgrade to a few well made goodies a week, versus sugar laden junk.

When excess salt is removed from our food and we get a taste of the real food underneath, ah the pleasure of eating has only just begun.

Seasoning with herbs and herb blends can help you do that.
The same herbs can take the place of fatty seasonings as well.

I'm well aware that some foods just have to have some flavor from a good type seasoning other than herbs.. My favorites are; olive oil, almond oil, and a good grape-seed oil for high heat cooking.

Please be aware that olive oil turns rancid when it reaches a certain high it isn't good for know, frying isn't all bad, it's what you fry in and how you fry that makes the difference.
( when heating oil for frying...never allow it to smoke, if it does, toss it and start over.)
( never allow the food to sit in excess oil and soak it up)
( never re-heat fried foods.)

So, do you agree that the simple changes could put you on the road to a better life with your health.

And if you really think about it, our health is all we have...once that's gone, everything else really doesn't matter. You can't have a joyful, fun filled, satisfying life if your un-healthy.

Once you start and discover the good will become a passion, and that is worth having!

Please feel free to ask questions or make donations of your own ideas. I'm a very receptive lady to others opinions.
I may not always like or use them, but I will take them and consider them carefully.

To Your Healthy and Happy Season of Foods~

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