Monday, October 18, 2010

Spooks and Gourds or Spooky Gourds~

There are no shortage of gourds this year, not sure what prompted the surge in the abundance.
I've seen about 40 varities so far, from tiny wee ones that look like turnips to very large and deformed in the most amazing shapes.

Many people make bird-houses from the bottle neck gourd, a bulbous base with a long skinny neck.

They are pretty to look at, but I'm not a crafty kind-a-gal....I simply enjoy them for a month or so and then make compost fodder of them...makes us both happy~

From the herb beds/gardens.....oregano, thymem and sage are still thriving, chives are abundant, parsley is pretty, but not a lot of it.

Roses are still offering up the most beautiful buds and blooms.
Anything in shrub form that you plan to move , needs to done within the next week...depending on where you are of course. Anything that is moved has to have enough time to adapt to the new surroundings and harden off before the first frost. We are in the SE and I don't move anything after mid-October
If you have a green-house...Calendula's ( pot marigold ) grows really well in can have a lively crop ready to plant out in the early spring.

I'm attempting Lemongrass in the green-house...will let you know how it progresses.

Happy Autumn~Do share...


Stacey Graham said...

I love this season! I have one of the blue-green pumpkins in your photo and want to try my hand at raising ornamental pumpkins next year. =]

BeaK. said...

Hi Stacey, don't you just love them all ~ I never tire of seeing them, always end up with way more than I need....

Any variety of pumpkin or gourd is very easy to grow...make a space just for them and a tip...the fewer pumpkins to the vine...the larger they will get. I usually pinvh them all off except 3 or 4 to each vine, if you want one to get huge...pinch all except the one off and give them plenty of water and food.