Monday, November 17, 2008

Baking Bread Day-November 17

And so I did. The most beautiful and tasty loaf I've made in some time.

Today is also "hiking day"...and if, you make bread on a regular basis you will need to work the hiking day into your schedule. *smile*

Actually - home baked bread is much healthier and not as fattening as most of the bakery/super market types.

So-give it a try it's a great way to spend a cold autumn day inside.

Sage is an evergreen herb highly aromatic and lends itself to pork lamb, cheese dishes, dishes with apple and of course "bread."

In Italy-an old country health tonic is to eat fresh sage leaves in bread and butter.

I've tried it and can attest to the fact it is delicious and I'm certain just as healthy as promised.

Happy Autumn

Bea Kunz

Holiday Special for my loyal

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