Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday~

Black Friday is supposedly the biggest shopping day of the year.

I took my cue from Tigger...resident mouser here at Sage Hill Farms...stayed home and lounged around all day doing nothing except what felt comforting.

Shopping isn't my favorite thing to do in the best of circumstances, fighting my way through crazed mobs of people to buy anything is just less than exciting to me.

But...if it feels worth while and you enjoy, then I hope your day was successful.

Are you in need of a cup of good hot tea, it will warm your innards and replace some of the energy you spent elbowing your way around the mall. And... I'll ship it right to your door, I'm even offering a fabulous discount for the holiday season-good through Dec.15Th. ( I'm not a total scrooge!)*smile*

You can find the details and order from the website at:

(Under Holiday Specials)

Email me if you have questions.

A Noble November ending to you~

Bea Kunz

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