Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Food and Herb Interactions

We all know that whole grains are important for our diet, but do you know they contain natural substances known as phytates that can block the absorption of herbs.( and some minerals)

To avoid this problem, take your herbs and mineral supplements two hours before eating whole grain foods such as whole wheat bread, brown rice, Bulgar, oat bran,
wheat bran, wheat berries, cracked wheat, wild rice, buckwheat and barley.

Fresh herbs, herb seasonings, and teas are absorbed in a different no issues there.

Remember that herbs can have side effects just like prescription
drugs...if you are using them in a medicinal manner. It pays to be cautious about what you mix when eating and drinking.

Most herbs used in a culinary fashion will not be strong enough to cause any negative reaction in any form.

It's winter so stay warm and drink lots of herb tea~

Bea Kunz


Vanessa Shelton said...

Oh my dear Bea! Another yummy sounding taste treat for me to try - and featuring sage, which is my favorite of the herbs and seasonings. :)

BeaK. said...

Thanks Nessa,

I think we have the same likes in the food department..and many other areas actually.

Happy Friday to you...make it a great weekend.

Bea Kunz