Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama, Victory, and Gardens~

Today's blog post is dedicated to our new president.

As many of you did I'm sure I watched all the fanfare with great humility and a sense of hope...hope that I haven't felt in a long while.

Hope for a better tomorrow for our great country.
Hope for peace or at least a truce with other countries.
Hope for a real understanding of the issues we face and how they must be dealt with.
Hope for a unity of thought that will bring together not tear apart.
Hope that we have finally elected a President with the courage and determination to
look and to see...and to act.

There has been a big push for a garden on the White House lawn.
This may or may not be an idea that has power to spring forward.
On the surface it may seem like a silly thought compared to other issues.
But what I hope to see from President Obama is the acceptance of the idea that our food sources in this country have to be a priority.
Just as important as our nations security....for without secure and safe food supplies, all else is a rather lame issue.

My mother planted a Victory garden in 1940's...I feel rather blessed to be planting one some 60 years later.

Sage Hill Farms has a star of hope that hangs proudly on the kitchen peak of the house.
We will be adding a new section to our gardens this year..." Hope Gardens."...a garden for sharing.

Mr. President, do tell us what you think of the garden idea on the White House lawn.
Are you aware of the dangers in our food supplies ?
Are you, like so many American families, concerned about the food your family relies on for good nutrition.

Thank you in advance for making this issue a priority.

May God bless you and this great United States of America.

Bea Kunz
Sage Hill Farms


Barb Desmarais said...

Bea, I'm a Canadian but whatever happens in the US has a huge impact on us so we watch the political scene there carefully. All the people I associate with feel exactly the same as you. There is hope in the air, and a general feel of optimism. Most of us here are in awe of your new President.

Wouldn't it be wonderful for them to plant a White House garden. I can see it happening given what we see of him so far. It would make such an important statement to the world.

BeaK. said...

Barb, thanks for reading and leaving your thoughts.

I hope we are at the point of accepting that we are all connected, regardless where we live, what we believe and practice.

The time is past where the world is seperated into individual societies....what is good or bad for one will and does in some way
effect us all.

Blessings for your day~

Bea Kunz