Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gardening Shares to Live By~

People garden for many reasons, personal satisfaction, exercise, visual beauty, and to put food on the table.

I garden for all of the above reasons.

I get plenty of exercise, much joy and satisfaction from my work, the beauty of my gardens are open for all the community who happens by, and...the results from the edible garden is good health that can't be had any other way.

All of this is something that can be shared and enjoyed by many, what more could I need.

February is a perfect time to get your ducks in a row for your gardening plan.

Be it small or large it takes planning to be successful and end up with a project that brings the results above.
But, even your plans can be simple and uncomplicated.

Healthy soil, healthy plants/seeds, a bit of understanding about chemical negatives in the garden, and a few good books if you are a new gardener...or just visit this blog and my website a lot.

I do the no tilling gardening, raised beds with organic products , heirloom seeds, and transplants that have been started by organic methods.

These four things will give your garden the best chance of survival regardless the challenges it is faced with.

Less insects, little to no weeding, strong sturdy plants, no washing away of the soil, even stray animals tend to avoid raised beds, what's not to love.

The beds here show the winter view when they are covered and dormant, then the late spring/summer look after they have filled in and flourishing.

So...first step is to decide where you will put the garden, what you plan to grow and how much. Most things will do just fine in less space than what is suggested on a seed box. Some things like runners ( cucumbers, melons, etc.) need a bit more space if you let them use ground space...these can be trained to climb...with the exception of the melons, they are a bit too heavy for any stake I've found. Plus, they need the coolness that the ground provides at a certain stage.

Herbs can be grown right along with the vegetables ( companion planting ) see last blog entry. Remember, if you are growing herbs just for your personal use one or two plants of most things is more than enough. Herbs are prolific and the more you cut the more they grow.

Looking forward to hearing about your plans for the spring garden~

Bea Kunz


Debbie's L'Bri said...

Thank you for passing along my information. I love your teas hand have been doing the same.:) Let me know when you get your product. Should be soon.

BeaK. said...

Hi Debbie, got the package on Friday as I was headed out of town, opened it tonight and am just delighted with everything.

I'm really so happy to find a company with all natural and plant based ingredients that has the color line.

Using herbs for the inside and the outside is such a "high"

Thanks so the eye gel, feels awesome.

Hope you had a "sweet" Valentines Day...I was on the road all day.

Bea Kunz