Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Size Matters~In The Herb Beds

Sage Hill Farms grows for market so we have many beds and many different size plants growing at once.

The Kitchen garden or Cottage garden is a totally different plan.

These are designed both for visual beauty and for easy access.

When planning either, keep in mind the size of your chosen plants when they are fully developed. Make sure you place them where the smaller plants will not be over grow by the larger ones.

Ground hugging creeping thyme will not do well right next to a rosemary shrub.
The rosemary will grow large and spread and eventually overtake the thyme.

You can however control a lot of the growth by trimming and shaping the rosemary.

A good plan on paper before you begin to plant will save you much backtracking and redoing.

I have a small Kitchen garden by my back door.
Measures about 5x7 space. Inside this space I have one rosemary shrub, located to the back and up against a brick wall and the steps to the back door.

I placed garlic chives next to the rosemary, oregano on the outer side and Lemon thyme along the edge and down the side of the walkway.

This gives me easy access to my most used herbs for most cooking times.

Happy Gardening~

Bea Kunz


Flowers said...

Nice blog. Like your herb bed. Wish if I could create one. Thanks for the inspiration.

BeaK. said...

Thanks, you can , just do it...if you need help just read some back issues of the blog or ask.

Thanks for the visit.

Bea Kunz

Heidi Caswell said...

I have a very happy Rosemary plant out front, lots of blooms this year. I had no idea how big it would grow or even that they did bloom. I've been planning on turned that small area to an herb only garden, moving out the annuals, etc. This give me a great idea what to plant there, and it is close to my kitchen. Thanks again Bea!