Monday, February 15, 2010

Herb Gardening Shares~

When planning your garden, remember to place your tallest growing plats to the north. This will allow the smaller plants to get the benefit of the sun during all available times.

Mound your rows a bit, affords better drainage and avoids soggy soil. ( soggy roots)

Many think that seedlings must be started in trays and then transplanted to the garden at the proper time. This is perfectly fine if you wish to do it...but, not a must....most anything that can be grown can be sown right into the garden soil.

Then-thin the seedlings according to the individual instructions for each plant.

Don't be shy when it is time to thin the seedlings...otherwise you crop will not grow and produce as it should. Thinning also aerates the soil for the remaining plants.

Happy Gardening~

Bea Kunz

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