Thursday, February 18, 2010

Herbs To Be Cautious With~

Not all herbs are edible or safe if used in the wrong way.

Some are considered "Poisonous" and should be regarded as so.

ACONITE....all parts are poisonous, the roots are especially potent. they have been used as a deadly dip for arrows, spears, and animal traps.

It is used in minute quanities in homeopathic preparations as a sedative and pain killer.

ARNICA....It is used also in homeopathic medicine for epilepsy ad as a healing ingredient for wounds.

DEADLY NIGHTSHADE...Never grow this plant in a gardne where children have access to...the berries are sweet and tempting, but deadly.

MEADOW SAFFRON...( naked ladies)

HEMLOCK....All parts are poisonous but the seed(fruit) and leaves are most potent.
THORN APPLE the plant that Digitalis is take from

All of these are used in medicial treatments in very controlled amounts and under supervision of a doctor.

Never, under any circumstance use any of these in culinary ways.

EatWell and BeSafe~

Bea Kunz

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