Saturday, February 06, 2010

Sunday Special~

Depending on one's personal belief system, Sunday will have different meanings for each of us.

For me and my family it is a day to slow down, reflect, focus on home and family a bit more closely perhaps than the rest of the week.

My favorite part of Sunday is knowing that we all have the same agenda for that one day...a meeting of the minds and heart.

No rushing, no appointments, no stress. you ever think that maybe, if we applied the same mentality to Monday-Friday, we just might have a kinder week. I can see the reasons why not, but , we are in charge of our thinking and most actions start with a thought.

I always carry this thought with me from Sunday going into Monday and a new week.

" Please God, help me to remember Sunday and the benefit that slowing down will bring to this day."

Another special part of our day is "food"...where we have family we have good food.

Our food should be as nourishing as our love for each other.

We choose organic and chemical free as much as possible....we pray that you do also.

Blessings for your special day~

Bea Kunz


MaryAnne said...

When growing up in the 50's Sunday used to be a day off from school and work. A day the family spent together.
It seems the world has changed and so has Sunday. Now there is Sunday shopping and more activities for families.
Yes the world is hectic and for many with Monday to Friday jobs this is often their only day of rest. And their only day all together for any length of time.
I understand what you mean about spreading that Sunday feeling throughout the week Bea. Having worked at home for 40 years our days are mostly peaceful and Sunday like. I recommend it highly. Life is much simpler..
Wishing you many Sundays.



Sunday for me starts with church. Then I usually come home and relax until it's time to go back to church again. Sometimes I watch a movie, sometimes read, sometimes take a nap. The last few weeks I have worked on creating new business videos (video is a new skill I'm learning). I usually check my e-mail during the day, but yesterday I didn't even turn the computer on. That just about sums it up. A very quiet day.

BeaK. said...

Thanks MaryAnne and Diane,

Your support is so special to me.

I'm off to visit you and others...a little pay-it-forward.

Blessings for your day.

Bea Kunz