Sunday, January 03, 2010

Day 12-Surviving Winter-Tips

Don't forget the benefits of Zinc: Oysters, crab, beef and beans are all high in this immune-boosting mineral.

Having a Zinc deficiency can impair white blood cell activity and weaken defences.

If you don't get the proper amount of the foods listed above then my all means take a supplement; look for the gluconate form, which is thought to be the most effective.
And, don't over-do it; the upper limit for adults is 40 mg, and high doses can interfere with iron and copper absorption.

Have a wonderful New Year week.

Bea Kunz


Prosper and Be In Health said...


Love homemade soups!! I made homemade turkey soup with leftover turkey. Yummy...We've been eating soups every night since we come home from our trip. Best thing there is in the winter months :-)

Happy 2010 to you my friend and God bless you.


BeaK. said...

Any kind of soup gets my vote too Debbie...chunky red potato with the skin on and small amount of chard or kale tossed in the last 10 minutes of cooking is so tasty~

Happy Eating~

Bea Kunz