Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 21-Surviving Winter-Tips

Do you sing in the shower ?

Studies have shown that listening to or making your own music will boost antibody levels and lower stress hormones.

I sing in the Jeep when I'm going to and from appointments.

Another plus from singing is for those who suffer from any form of respiratory issues. It builds lung strength which in turn will allow easier breathing.

And...after a nice round of your favorite tunes soothe your throat and your spirit with a nice cup of herbal tea...for asthma sufferers these are wonderful, all make delicious teas....and Sage Hill Farms has blends to fit your needs.


**Important** Severe asthma can be life-threatening and requires professional medical help. Chronic asthmatics should seek professional medical advice before starting any self treatment .

Have a JOYFUL January~

Bea Kunz


Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Bea,
I enjoyed this post. I listen to the radio when I'm in the shower, and the people are always yakking. I sometimes sing in the car along with the radio.

Thanks for your tips on my kitchen. We are dependent on having a dishwasher. I've noticed there are others who don't have one, either.

The reason we'll have to replace the cupboards is because we are wanting to have a microwave built in above the stove, and also, the dishwasher will probably have to go along the wall.

Also, I want more counter space along the wall where the silver shelf is, with open shelving, like you suggested, above. At one time, I was wanting to keep the table and hoosier, and have built in shelves on what's left of the wall. I was even thinking about the ones that have those strips going up and down the wall, where you can decide how you want the shelves arranged.

It's kind of overwhelming, because the kitchen is so small, and whatever decisions we make, we'll have to live with. I do not want to end up with a kitchen that is not homey.

I just copied and pasted part of this to also post in my comments.

BeaK. said...

Sue, I'm betting regardless what kind of redoing you end up with you will make it homey~

We down-sized from 4,000 sq ft of living space to about 2,000 when we purchased this little farm...took some adjusting and tweaking but it's now home and everything fits.

The kitchen is the last of the re-working and I'm really looking forward to seeing the results.

We debated on knocking out a wall and expanding the size...but decided on a deck out from the dining room which is about 14 feet off the ground...this gives us a beautiful view of the western sky and some mighty awesome ridges along the Cumberland Plateau .

It is always about making choices, and that's ok.

Thanks for the visit...I'm sure you are looking forward to spring~

Me too.

Bea Kunz