Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 22-Surviving Winter-Tips~

There is a lot of disagreement on caffeine and the impact it can and does have on our system. I think every one reacts in a different way depending on the issues going on with the system.

Too much caffeine is certainly not a good thing, it can and does jolt the adrenal glands and stimulate overproduction of cortisol, weakening the immune system.

However, small amounts of caffeine can stimulate immunity, according to Chinese medicine.

Green tea boost immunity because of other compounds it contains.

Like anything, if you opt for it in small amounts and avoid it at night in order to get a better nights sleep.

Nothing promotes good restful sleep like a warm cup of herbal caffeine at all.

Sage tea is awesome for sleep and for soothing the ills of a slight cold, sore throat or cough. Will soothe and pamper the tummy at the same time.

Take good care,

Bea kunz

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