Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Last 5 Tips for Surviving Winter Bugs~

Exercise is so much a part of overall good health.
Do you know that dancing lifts the mood and enhances the body's efficiency in removing free radicals. Shoot for 30 minutes of dancing or some other form of aerobic exercise four days a week.

Pay attention to your skin, it is a tell-all of the condition of your inner health.
***foods for wintry dry skin***
Water or tea will hydrate you skin from the inside. Drink the needed 8 glasses a day and see the difference.
Tea, rich in polyphenois for antioxidant protection, is a great alternative to water for boosting your daily hydration.

Fish and Flax seed...get enough fat in your diet, especially from omega-3 fats found in fish and flax seed. This will nourish skin from the inside.

Omega-6Fats....these can be taken in supplement form, they are used in many good topical moisturizers, and they are naturally present in primrose, borage, and black-currant oils.

Don't overlook your dental health.Comprised teeth and gums are major players in many types of ills.

Get tested for Gluten intolerance...this can be an underlying cause of many asthma and allergy problems...which can easily lead to winter time issues such as colds and flu.

If you eat only fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and unprocessed meats your diet will be gluten free.

For a better understanding and breakdown visit; of the most important things to remember and practice, wash those hands, often and thoroughly.

Another month of winter weather and all it brings to our door is still pending...keep your guard up and BeWEll-EatWell~

Hope your January was a JOYFUL one~

Bea Kunz

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