Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 26~30 Days of Blogging with Susan Loughrin~

The "Seasons"...each have a beautiful and very different purpose.
And the best part is, they all have an underlying, ongoing connection that pulls them together as one "journey." With-out the spring we would have no summer, and round and round it goes.

But...the question was, " What do I like most about the season we are now in?"

Aside from all the personal happiness it brings to me and those I love by simply bringing to the front view all the rituals that weaves us together as a family thread; I can't help but see, feel, and participate in the "willingness" to operate in another realm of awareness. It seems that the majority of the population becomes so much more aware of others, their needs, and what "i" can do to make a difference.

Happy Holidays~

Bea Kunz


organicsyes said...

so true...what "i" can do to make a difference. I find that during these "days of darkness" I really go inside...knowing that the light will return, but enjoying the darkness and all that I can bring into myself to share with others.

PS...thanks for the info on the feet...I will look more into this.

BeaK. said...

We are designed to retreat during the solstice, a time to rest and refuel for the coming year.

Susan, the pressure points on the feet and the palms are a wonderful way to self treat for better health.

Do you have a chart that identifies the points and their purpose.