Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 30-Celebration of the Blogging project~

WOW is the right word for this project.
It came at a time of lull in my blogging and I think for others too.

Looking around it is easy to see that for whatever reason many networks, blogs, websites, etc., are going through some form of transition. Some are even falling by the is a time to count blessings and go forward, with caution perhaps...but forward indeed.

I'm celebrating the many good friends who showed their spirit by participating in this project, Susan for spearheading and keeping it alive and interesting.

I've challenged myself and hopefully you will use this new vein of energy to explore the web and find ways to bring new life to our forum at WIN and to our businesses.

Thanks for the "dance" Susan.....such fun~

Happy Holidays and the most beautiful Christmas to you all~

Bea Kunz

PS: A bit of herb info for the holidays~

Cinnamon and Neroli oil ( orange ) are two of my winter favorites.

Cinnamon-the bark, oil and twigs all offer properties of healing as well as flavor.

Add bits of bark to your tea blends.

Cinnamon oil is wonderful to massage arthritic joints or strained muscles. ( dilute with a few drops of almond or sunflower oil for sensitive skin.)

Dissolve about 5 drops in boiling water and inhale the steam for coughs and respiratory irritation.

Neroli Oil-One or two drops to a good skin cream for any skin condition.

Orange peel can be dried and added to your tea blends for nervous conditions and digestive upsets. can always visit the Sage Hill Farms website and try our Holiday blend or the Chia blend...both have these wonderful ingredients and will add a warm and festive element to your winter hibernation period.


organicsyes said...

The package arrived!!! Whoo hoo! another way to celebrate:) Enjoyed the chai last night....yumm! You are a joy! Thank you, thank you! Another reason to celebrate!

Debbie's L'Bri said...

I agree Bea. Do you have any herbs that will clean out the sinuses? I cannot shake this cold..

BeaK. said...

Good Morning Susan, glad the package arrived in time for the holiday celebrations.

Life is good...yes~

I'm grateful for all you do Susan...and for being a friend!

Merry Christmas~

Bea Kunz

BeaK. said...

Debbie, I'll send you an email on your question.

I'm holding you up in the light for healing of your cold/sinus issues.

Blessings for a healing day~

Bea Kunz