Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hippocrates and the common Cold~

More than 1,000 years ago Hippocrates described the common cold, now I'm not going into the treatments used over the centuries because you will retreat to a closet never to be seen again.

We have since learned that colds and flu are caused by tiny pathogens that appear to be impervious to all manner of treatment. The only offense, is a good defense.

We can up our defenses in less than a month, this will help us to stay healthier during the winter when colds/flu are running through every vein of society.

I'll be sharing a tip every day for 30 make a plan to do something really good and long lasting for your better health.

First step is be aggressive with your health care provider...if they don't suggest, then request...know what you need/want/or could be missing, and insist on the exploration of finding it.

One most important rule to good health is our diet.

Fresh fruit, vegetables, and lean unprocessed meat is the very core of being on the road to long lasting health. All things in moderation and some things totally banned has to be part of the process.

Herbs in many forms-teas, herbal meds, essential oils, and culinary are nothing but a plus to any lifestyle.
They are so flexible and adaptable, a really good thing~

Is it easy...not all the time, but neither is being sick~

Today's tip is:

Because we are exposed to less sunshine during the winter many are Vitamin D deficient, leading to a stronger chance of contracting a cold/flu when one is exposed. When we are lacking in Vitamin D our immunity is decreased in general.

There is a test you can ask for from your health care provider to know if your Vitamin D levels are low.

Don't assume just because you get plenty sunshine that you are good to one can get more sun than I do on a daily basis and I was very low in my D levels.

Grab a not pad and jot down things that you wish to know more about...research, ask here, and by all means take it with you when you visit your doctor.

I use a Homeopathic doctor, so if you are using a traditional medical doctor you will no doubt get different information than I do.
There are now some medical doctors who are bringing integrative methods into their practices, don't give up, search until you find what is right and will bring healing and long lasting results...not just symptom treatments.

I hope to see you often and my wish is to leave you with something that is useful...and I always learn from your input.

Thanks for reading and Happy Holiday Season to you all~

Bea Kunz


Prosper and Be In Health said...


You always leave me with useful information and a smile on my face and in my heart. I so enjoy your posts, your wisdom and your friendship.

Wishing you and yours a very Bledded CHRISTmas and Happy New year.

God's Blessings upon you,


BeaK. said...

Thank you Debbie, you are part of my reason for blogging. One little bit of information that helps someone is it not.

Christmas Joy to you~

Bea Kunz