Monday, December 07, 2009

Day 22-30 Days of Blogging with Susan Loughrin~

As always Susan, stretching/exercising makes me want to follow up with a nice hot herbal bath...which I always do.

Just one more good thing to do for your mind and your muscles.

Bea Kunz


organicsyes said...

Love it!
What herbs?

Prosper and Be In Health said...

Oh the limbering and relaxation of stretching. The herbal bath sounds wonderful :-)

BeaK. said...

Susan, Lavender is the best for relaxation and good sleep.

2 tbs almond oil
7 drops lavender oil
3 drops marjoram oil
Mix and hold under running bath water.

Rosemary or Lemon grass for muscle relaxing or soreness.

2 tbs almond oil
2 drops lemon grass oil
2 drops coriander oil
2 drops clove oil

I use the fresh cut herbs by placing a handful into a pot of biling water for 3 minutes...strain the water into your bath. Slather on a good body oil before you dry off after the soak.

organicsyes said...

This sounds marvelous:) I would love to share it on my blog!