Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 13-Thirty Days of Blogging~

(My greatest strengths) according to "me" are; my faith and willingness to follow my inner voice. My acceptance that sometimes I just have to be still and listen.

(What I'm really good at)Seeing past what I'm hearing. Finding my own level of adjustment in situations that are not to my preference.

( What Brings Me Joy ) Feeling content in the knowing that I have done my best, my duty, and left something usable in my wake. Caring for my family.

( Where Do I See My Life ) Being a very small part of a much bigger picture. Searching for and fulfilling a purpose.

( How Does My Blog Support My Strength ) My blog allows me to voice and share my purpose, and to attract those who believe in some part or in the whole of what I'm all about.

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