Friday, November 20, 2009

Tis The Season To Blog~

When I first started this blog it was meant to compliment my website, and it does. However, when one has a varied interest of subjects bouncing around in the head all day it is often hard to stay on track.

What I really want this blog to do is serve the people who visit, read, and share.
To be a place they find answers, ideas, and the freedom to have input.

I want it to be filled with information that provides comfort, laughter, and more than anything a place one wishes to come back to.

The gardens, herbs, and all things connected are my passions, I would like to open those passions to others...this blog is one avenue of doing so.

I cherish each and every customer, visitor, and follower.

I hope you feel at home here.

Bea Kunz


Susan said...

Lovely...I love how you took your thougthfulness and put it into words...almost like a poem:)

Thanks for the wonderful work you do, Bea. It is in the writing, thinking, exploring, sharing...that these blogs bring meaning into our lives and others.


Vanessa Shelton said...

That last line sums it up perfectly. I do feel at home! You always manage to educate and entertain. And your recipes give a whole new level of meaning to the term 'comfort food'.

Thank you for always having out the welcome mat.

BeaK. said...

Thank you pleasure to are special ~

Bea Kunz