Monday, November 16, 2009

Recipe # Three from the Sage Hill Thanksgiving Table~

The standard and most used way to cook green beans is to cover them with water and boil slowly until they are tender. The big problem with this method is that most of the nutritional value is cooked away in the water.

( if you use this method toss in a small amount of Ginger about 5 minutes before end of cooking time-adds a nice flavor and some replacement value of what is lost in boiling.)

There are two other methods that are delicious and retains so much of the goodness that we are all striving for in our menu.

One is a steamer pot just long enough to tenderize a bit.
Lightly season with your favorite blend, add a touch of real butter or olive oil and presto....fabulous beans.

My favorite way to prepare them is....In a large Dutch Oven ( I use iron ) heat 2 TBS of Grape Seed oil, add beans and saute' until hot through and through but still crispy. Sprinkle lightly with garlic powder and fresh grated Goat Cheese...just a small amount of cheese.

( toss in a few Lemon Balm leaves or sprinkle 1 teaspoon of dried into the saute'ing pot....yummy)

Even the kids will love least ours do.

Hope you are having a fun time preparing for the coming Thanksgiving Day celebration, I am~

Bea Kunz
Sage Hill Farms

A festive Confero Productions in Birmingham, Al. Confero is my eldest grandson's company and this is his design and layout for the Alabama Weddings Magazine.

Am I a proud bet~


home staging Toronto said...

Hi. Thanks for tutorial how to prepare green beans. Honestly, I have always problem to prepare them in a way that everybody in our family would eat them. Especially my husband doesn't like them. I hope it will change now.

Take care,

BeaK. said...

Thanks Ella, I do hope the different options leads your hubby to a love of green beans.

Sometimes...when we do not like a certain food it is because our system does not respond well to some ingredient in that food.

Natures way of protecting us from what could potentially be harmful.

I recently discovered that my system does not respond well to most who would think berries could have any negative componets.

So, give it a try with the green beans and if he still balks...then you ill know you've done your part.

Keep us updated~

Love your business, the show rooms and the other photo's are lovely.

Bea Kunz