Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sustainable Blogging~my reason for ....

BeasBeatitude's was designed to fill the informational gap that isn't possible to include on the website..."Sage Hill Farms and Vintage Store."

So often we expect people to make changes, support our belief's and to know and understand the reason why we promote a certain agenda.

Before there can be change there has to be a learning process that supports the reason why the change is needed.

I've tried to contain it to herbal chatter but there have been times when I have strayed from the subject...but, my heart is totally comitted to a better earth and life through "sustainable practices."

Along the way I have been blessed with many who are interested and anxious to learn from what I share.

I have also learned from many about subjects that have played a part in making this blog a better place.

I'm grateful to every person who has taken time to read, comment, and pass along...any portion of my offerings.

In Gratitude
Happy Blogging~

Bea Kunz


Debbie's L'Bri said...

I agree, it is hard to get people to love what you know. That is a great idea to use the blog for what you website doesn't say. As I have a very generic website and it is hard for people to understand what we are about, with out being told alittle on how to get around. Great words of wisdom.

Vanessa Shelton said...

Since getting to know and love you, I've often told folks to take a look at this blog and your site. I'm constantly awed by the depth of your knowledge and wisdom. More importantly, many are blessed by your generosity in sharing freely. It's so obvious how much you care for the human family and our earth in the way you walk the talk.

Thank you Bea!

BeaK. said...

Bless you Nessa, you are always a bright spot in my day~

I know that you promote and believe in what I do...I'm grateful.

Bea Kunz