Sunday, December 23, 2007

The American Christmas Tree.

History Of The American Christmas Tree

In America, Christmas Trees were introduced into several pockets - the German Hessian Soldiers took their tree customs in the 18th century. In Texas, Cattle Barons from Britain took their customs in the 19th century, and the East Coast Society copied the English Court tree customs

Settlers from all over Europe took their customs also in the 19th century.

Decorations were not easy to find in the shanty towns of the West, and people began to make their own decorations. Tin was pierced to create lights and lanterns to hold candles which could shine through the holes.
An updated version of these are the beautiful luminaries we see lining walk ways and garden paths.
Decorations of all kinds were cutout, stitched and glued. The General Stores were hunting grounds for old magazines with pictures, rolls of Cotton Batting (Cotton Wool), and tinsel, which was occasionally sent from Germany or brought in from the Eastern States. The Paper 'Putz' or Christmas Crib was a popular feature under the tree, especially in the Moravian Dutch communities which settled in Pennsylvania.

Our Christmas tree is a special reminder of all the Christmas celebrations of the past, from our childhood through our childrens childhood, and now our grandchildren are adding their unique signatures for the next generation.

I love traditions, I hope you do also.

Merry Christmas!

Bea Kunz

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