Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Italian Gelato and Basil ?

Let me explain...I'm a member of the RYZE network and inside that network is another called WIN..(women in networking) I have a wonderful Italian friend there who is a third generation baker .

We have purchased many of her goodies and bar none, they can't be beat. This business is in California and I'm in imagin my surprise and delight when she informs me that her cousin has opened a cafe just outside of Nashville, which is about one hour north of us.

Well, without wasting any time we set out to find it, which we did, and give it a try, which we did.

Could not have been more pleased...a hot panini with fresh "basil" along with a good Italian soup, topped off with a delicious hot coffee and fresh made Gelato.(Italian Ice-Cream) made with whole milk instead of cream, which leaves it with about 3 to 7% fat content instead of the 30 in regular ice cream.

Peace On Earth is what I felt after our dining experience with the Hovis family at
Now, a little more about "basil"......the herbalist John Parkinson in 1629 said of it, " The ordinary Basil is in a manner wholly spent to make sweete or washing waters among other sweete herbs...and also "the smell thereof is so excellent that it is fit for a king's house."

How much more could I add to that....except if you have never tried basil on a sandwich instead of or as an addition to lettuce...then you must!

Basil is plentiful at Sage Hill Farms in the summer gardens and in the winter, you can find the dried version at our website store. Dried is awesome in soups, stews, beans, and in many other vegetables.
Need help in ways to use herbs for their best benefits.....just ask.
Happy Holidays and be safe!
Bea Kunz


Dina at said...

I'll say this on behalf of "my people" - we certainly know how to celebrate food. Your Italian meal sounds fantastic.

I was just saying last week that I'm planning on keeping fresh basil on hand for salads and seasoning. It tastes so clean... herbs seem faintly soapy to me. Must be their cleansing properties!

BeaK. said...

Hi Dina,

I have heard others describe herbs as being slightly antiseptic in taste or a hint of medicinal properties in the smell...but never soapy.

Something to ponder!

Bea Kunz

greeny said...

Oh, the cafe sounds delish!
And sweet basil is the main herb in my garden every year. It's too easy not to have it and with fresh tomaotes- nothing is better.