Sunday, December 09, 2007

Early Morning Visitor's to Sage Hill Farms.

Our part of Tennessee has been showered with an abundance of wild life this year.
As I was preparing my breakfast yesterday morning about 9:30, I opened the blinds to view the gardens and~~ what to my wondering eyes should appear, but two of the most beautiful little female deer.~~
Mt first thought was how lovely they are, and my next thought was how destructive they can be to a garden.
I didn't wish to chase them away until I could photograph them, but if you know anything about deer, then you know they have exceptional senses...they can hear you long before they see you.
I did manage to get out the back door with the camera, and as soon as I rounded the corner, they sensed me, even though they couldn't see me.
You can see by the stance they were ready to run...and so they did. It was amazing to see them leap into the air ond over a 6ft fence.
Most of the beds are covered this time of year and some are very dormant, but I was fearful for my turnip green patch...but all is well....will they return? No doubt!
Sometimes sharing can be be a bummer..
Hope your Sunday was peaceful .
Happy Holidays!
Bea Kunz


Heidi said...

But you did capture tham on myour camera, good deal. Now to keep them out of your veggies.

We were over in Arkansas last summer and discoved a group of deer playing on the campground's basketball court. What fun! By the time I got my camera out, they skidalled.

Heidi Caswell
Connect Simply

Sandra said...

Good Morning Bea,

I love your picture of the deer. Yes they can be very destructive. I love them anyway. Even though we live in town, we are at the edge with a timber across the street from us and they are always coming around.
I love to read your posts.

Sandra Justice

BeaK. said...

Hi Sandra,

Glad you enjoyed the deer sharing, we really try to discourage them, once they discover food it's hard to get rid of them.

And...we don't have have dogs, so nothing here for them to fear.

I'll hope for the best.

Happy Nonday!

Bea K.

BeaK. said...

Heidi, I think with more and more of their natural habitat being destroyed with growth, they are always on the move, it's really very sad.

Can't stop progress, or so I've heard!

You have a great new week!

Bea K.
Sage Hill Farms

Dina at said...

WOW... look at the size of that PINE TREE.

Maybe those "deer" were sent by St. Nick on a mission??

: )

BeaK. said...

Hi Dina,

These are White Pines, we have a row of them across the back yard, they are beautiful trees.

Last year we had a family of wild turkey that came for breakfast and dinner every day for about two weeks.

The wild creatures are so lovely to watch.

Hubby and I went into the city yesterday and we always take the back roads...views are so much better than the interstate.

We go through a long stretch of very large farms with acres and acres of fields. A corn crop had been cut and left on the ground for composting I suppose...there must have been in excess of 200 wild turkey feeding in the field.

I was the most amazing site, just a sea of large birds.

They do eat well around here, I suppose that is why they are so plentiful.

Hope your Monday was a great one!

Bea Kunz