Monday, December 03, 2007

And In The Beginning....

I'm a Christian, as are many other people in our world, and for us Christmas begins with the birth of Jesus Christ.

Regardless what our faith is and where our core takes it belief from, all things must have a starting point.

From this point many practices take form and become the history of many subjects.

Christmas is one of those forms that has been shaped and molded over thousands of years to become what we celebrate today.

Amid the hustle and bustle of the holidays, there is a moment when Christmas happens.
It may be a special Christmas carol you hear that brings back a special memory.
The tinkling of bells on a busy city street that prompts you give to those less blessed.
The smell from your own kitchen when you are baking an old family recipe of a sweet and delicious fare.
But...for me, it is when I first switch on all the holiday lights . The tree lights, the Christmas Village that has been lovingly put together over so many years, the guiding Moravian star that hangs on my front porch, just waiting for a passer-by to stop in.
And last but certainly no less beautiful is the Luminaries that will line the walks of many favorite places on my holiday tours.

All of these lights serve to remind me of one special light of the Christmas season...the beautiful star that served as a guiding light in the history that is the Christmas story, the same star we can look upon in the Eastern sky and know that time has not altered the one guiding light that is always bright and never burns out.

Whatever your belief, and whatever Christmas means to you, may there always be a light to guide you.

Happy Holidays!

Bea Kunz


organicsyes said...

Beautiful, Bea. And so true...just a small thing can trigger a big, beautiful emotion of Christmas:)

BeaK. said...

Hi Susan,

It is most often the small and seemingly routine things that hold deep meaning for most of us.

I'm always grateful for your insight.

Be blessed this magical season!

Your friend