Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Garden Group at Sage Hill Farms

During the summer I have a lovely group of friends who meet at Sage Hill and we spend and hour, sometimes two, discussing our favorite book of the moment, or old favorites read long ago but still remembered well.
Do you participate in a book group, if not, maybe you should think about forming one. It's a wonderful way to spend a few hours a month with good friends and discuss something that is of interest to each one involved, it bonds you, makes you appreciate and look forward to the next meeting.
Some of the books we have shared are: The Hours ( Picador USA) by Michael Cunningham.
Her Infinite Variety ( Houghton Mifflin), by Louis Auchincloss.
And...my favorite, Winter Soltice (St. Martin's Press), by Rosamunde Pilcher.
And of course a good book requires a good cup of tea and a cup of tea needs a great little sandwich, so do you get the picture of what our little group is all about.
Good friends, good books, wonderful tea and tasty little treats...the things that make life spin!
(Cheese and Carrot Tea Sandwiches)
1/2 cup grated carrots
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
4 tbsp mayonnaise
8 slices of whole wheat bread
Salt and fresh ground black pepper
A pinch of dill
In a bowl, toss the carrots and cheese
Divide and spread the mayo on the bread slices
Sprinkle with salt,pepper, and dill
Top with cheese and carrot mix
Put sandwiches together and trim off the crust
Cut into squares, or any shape you like.
Goes perfect with any tea choice from Sage Hill Farms.
Take a stroll through our website and see what fits your mood.
Do let me know if you start your own book group.
I'm thinking a winter group would be much fun...sitting by the fire in a cozy chair.......
Have a Divine December whatever you do.
Bea Kunz

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