Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Healthy Eating Can Start With The Holidays!

Bon Appetit......No better time than now to start revamping your recipe collection.

Let me paint you a picture of "yummy" ideas.

Many will declare that food without fat is bland and tastless, but , not so, if we spend a little time learning a few guidelines.

Know your fat facts...oils are pure fat, so skimp and use the best of your choices.
Those being olive and peanut oils. Don't pour the oil straight into the pan or dish, instead keep some in a spray bottle and just spritz the pan lightly.

When sauteing, use fruit juices, chicken or beef broth, or plain water instead of oil, these do a better job of bringing out the flavor of the food and you have eliminated the fat.

Re-think your meat choices...turkey instead of red meat is a marvelous switch for your health. Most any recipe that calls for red meat can be made with turkey without changing any other ingredient.

This is a real biggie...instead of making soups and sauces with egg yolk, heavy cream, etc., use instead pureed vegetables such as carrots, potatoes or cauliflower.

In a bisque soup, buttermilk is a wonderful substitution for heavy cream.
Buttermilk is actually equal to 1 percent low-fat milk in terms of fat content.

"Baked" goodies that you can feel good about eating.

One way is to bake with Stevia...the sweet herb, this takes some trial and error, so holiday cooking may not be the place to start with that.

But you can replace shortening and oils with fruit-based butters. These can be found with the cooking oils in most super markets or in a good health food store.

Applesauce, bananas, or canned pumpkin can also be used to replace some of the fat.
Start by cutting the amount of shortening in half and replacing it with the fruit substitute until you find a proportion that produces a taste you like.

When you get control of the basics, you can transform any food into a lean and delicious version of its former fat-laden self.

A Good Example...
(Best Brownies)

Use unsweetened cocoa instead of semisweet chocolate and pureed prunes instead of butter.
The prunes keep the brownies moist, and the overall fat content is about one fifth of a traditional brownie recipe. And by using a spritz bottle to spray your pan you will save even more fat grams.

The great truth is we don't have to give up the foods we love in order to eat, and be healthy...we just have to alter the way we prepare them.

Family food traditions usually come from an era when fat was the main ingredient....keep the tradition, but make a few simple changes and leave a healthier would make any grandmother happy!

Bea Kunz


Dina at said...

Ingenious! Thanks for the tips, Bea. I especially love the one about substituting with vegetable puree.

Speaking of substitutes. We had turkey meatloaf last night with a spinach salad and spaghetti squash sauteed in a pat of butter, a little olive oil, garlic and a tap of grated parmesan. I've turned my man onto the "healthy alternative" to spaghetti! What fun, thank you again for the suggestions.

BeaK. said...

Thanks Dina,

Your alternative sounds delicious!

We are pasta lovers and the changes can really make a big overall difference.

You sound inovative in the kitchen ! My kind of cook.

Enjoy the ride.

Bea Kunz
Sage Hill Farms

Dina said...


I responded to your request for tech help but now that I'm looking at this, I don't see any kind of spacing problem other than that there are no returns between lines (?)


BeaK. said...

Dina, that is what I'm speaking about....I typed it with a spacing for the paragraphs and it published without it.

I've gone in and edited it also and it still doesn't show the spacing between the paragraphs.

After looking over my blog I see that some other postings are the same, and some aren't....I'm a wee bit confused.

I'm not doing anything different in any of the post.

If it doesn't look tacky or wrong, then I won't fret about it.



Heidi said...

I use applesauce in place of oil in pre-packaged cake mixes. Not as good as made from scratch cakes. I'll have to see how much applesauce to oil works best in my carrot cake.

Spacing fixed. :) Check out

Heidi said...

Celebrating! We can now add our non-blogger url's to Bea's comments!

Grrrr! Blogger's comments continues to chop off urls in the comment section. Just click on my name and visit my blog to find the spacing fix.

Dina said...

Ohh, this post looks lovely now! Elf Heidi Caswell did some tinkering in the night?

BeaK. said...

That's it ! I'm signed on to be Heidi's Santa for exchange for techi education.

Thank you my dear, sounds so simple once the secret is revealed.

Blessings and good cheer.

Bea Kunz