Thursday, December 13, 2007

For Everything There Is A Season.

It's easy to get caught up in the frenzy of the season, the shopping, the commercialism of the day, the demands that can find their way into our expectations.

Do you have a plan for this special season, one that allows living outside the rush and rigors of the frenzy.

Can you be still and know that all is well and time is at your disposal.

Can you awake in the morning and not feel the need to hit the floor running.

Have you taken the time to make cookies with a child, to build a snowman, maybe two, to watch the birds feeding from the holly tree or to walk through the gardens, even though it's brown and covered with layers of leaves and twigs to keep it safe and warm for the winter.

Do you have favorite Christmas songs-and do you sing for others and share the joy that music creates.

Have you written a note of special thoughts to a special friend, or called a family member who is far away and can't be home for the special day.

Is there someone inside your circle that could use some loving care, a tender word, a smile, and a prayer.

Whatever your plan for the season, make time to look, see, and respond to a need that only you can fill.

Do something this season to refresh your spirit and give hope to someone else.

Happy Holidays..

Bea Kunz

Sage Hill Farms

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